Versatile high speed discs are built to boost productivity without sacrificing seedbed quality or performance. The Fury HS uses an aggressive 20° disc angle and a wide range of working speeds to provide a superior field finish. The disc arm and 10° pitch angle on the Fury R is better suited to rocky conditions. The high speed discs have some of the highest weight-per-foot ratios on the market, ensuring they can handle hard or dense soils. An assortment of blade sizes, disc angles and rear fishing attachments are available to fine-tune the Fury HS and Fury R to specific field conditions.

HS250 HS300 HS350 HS400 R250 R300 R350 R400
Transport Width 11' 10" (3.6M)
Transport Height 13' 5" (4.1 m)
Weight (average over options) 1,031 lb/ft (1,540 kg/m) 947 lb/ft (1,410 kg/m) 895 lb/ft (1,330 kg/m) 854 lb/ft (1,270 kg/m) 1,011 lb/ft (1,507 kg/m) 927 lb/ft (1,382 kg/m) 875 lb/ft (1,304 kg/m) 834 lb/ft (1,243 kg/m)
Drawbar HP Required 10-17 hp/ft (24-42 kW/m) 8.5-14 hp/ft (20-34 kW/m)
Working depth 2.5"-5" (64-127 mm)
Working speed 5-12 mph (7.5-20 km/h) 8-14 mph (12.5-22.5 km/h)
Blade spacing 10" with rear blades positioned between front blades so the result is 5" spacing which provides a full cut at 2.5" working depth.
Blade sizes (standard) 22" x 1/4" (560 x 6.5 mm) 20" x 1/4" (508 x 6.5 mm)
Blade sizes (optional) 24" x 5/16" (609 x 8 mm) 22" x 1/4" (560 x 6.5 mm)
Disc Bearings Hub 40 bearing, double roller maintenance-free bearings, 6 mounting bolts Hub 30 bearing, double roller maintenance-free bearings, 4 mounting bolts
Rock protection Each blade is protected by 4 rubber torsion elements which absorb impact and allow the arm to move up/down independently.
Finishing Tools 24" Cage Rollers with Solid Bars 24" Spring Rollers 21.3" Rubber Rollers 24" Cage Rollers with Solid Bars 21.3" Rubber Rollers


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