With multiple sizes available, the Vermeer lineup of vertical feed mixers gives operators the option to blend or mix all ration ingredients like dry hay, silage, grain, and ethanol coproducts at once. The result is a consistent ration when the operator feeds cattle.

Vermeer Vertical Mixers

Mixer Capacity Loading Height Recommended PTO Horse Power
VS350 Single Screw Vertical Feed Mixer 350ft³ (9.9m³) 106 in (269 cm) 100 hp (75kW)
VS420 single-screw vertical mixer 420ft³ (11.9³) 110 in (280 cm) 120 hp (89kW)
VS510 single-screw vertical mixer 510 ft³ (14.2 m³) 120 in (300 cm) 130 hp (97kW)
VS570 single-screw vertical mixer 570ft³ (17m³) 125 in (318cm) 150 hp (110 kW)
VT600 twin-screw vertical mixer 600ft³ (17m³) 109in (277cm) 150hp (110kW)
VT660 twin-screw vertical mixer 660ft³ (18.1m³) 105 in (267cm) 170hp (130kW)
VT750 twin-screw vertical mixer 750ft³ (21.2m³) 123 in (312cm) 180hp (130kW)
VT830 twin-screw vertical mixer 830ft³ (23.4m³) 116 in (295cm) 180hp (130kW)
VT970 twin-screw vertical mixer 970ft³ (27.5m³) 127 in (323cm) 200hp (150kW)
VT1150 Premium twin-screw vertical mixer 1,150ft³ (32.6m³) 139 in (353cm) 220hp (170kW)
VT1310 Premium twin-screw vertical mixer 1,310ft³ (37.1m³) 155 in (394cm) 230 hp (170kW)
VX1690 Premium triple-screw vertical mixer 1,690ft³ (47.9m³) 143 in (363cm) 250hp (190kW)

Premium Models

Built with reliability, durability and longevity in mind, Vermeer Premium models feature thicker tub walls, thicker tub floors, thicker screw flighting and a standard remote display for the scale system. This trim level is optional on the VT750 and VT970, and standard on the VT1150 and VT1310 twin-screw vertical mixers and the VX1690 triple-screw vertical mixer.

Specification Standard Premium
Tub wall thickness 1/4 in (.6cm) 3/8 (.9 cm)
Tub Floor Thickness 3/4 (1.9cm) 1 in (2.5cm)
Screw Flighting Thickness 5/8 in (1.6cm) 3/4 in (1.9cm)
Scale system remote display Optional on select models Standard

Single-Screw Vertical Mixers

The Vermeer VS420, VS510, VS570 single-screw vertical mixers have durable components for reliability and long-lasting perfromance. Two bi-pulse legs and the leading edge of the screw work together to create three points of contact with the tub floor for efficient cleanout. Optimize your feeding routine and mix a wide variety of feedstuffs with these machines.

Mixer Maximum Recommended Bale Size
VS420 single-screw vertical Mixer 4ft x 5 ft (1.2m x1.5m)
VS510 single-screw vertical mixer 5 ft x 6 ft (1.5m x 1.8m)
VS570 single- screw vertical mixer 5 ft x 6 ft (1.5m x 1.8m)


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